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Click for Helicopter View of the Coast. Sadly the original helicopterview site appears to be defunct but the same imagery is available on this site. Open the page and turn on the "Oblique Imagery Survey - 2003" in the Layers menu top left. Drag the map to centre it on the area you're interested in and use the Zoom tool bottom right till the blue line around the coast becomes discrete dots. Then click on a dot to bring up the corresponding photo. It's not as good as the original site as the map isn't OS quality and you can't scroll automatically from one photo to the next. Also from 2003 the imagery is becoming increasingly dated; but it's better than nothing. Example screenshot here ...


Click for Depth Survey. Again you can drag the map to centre it and zoom. It will give you an idea of depths around marks. Clicking on a specific point may bring up more detail. Example screenshot here...


Click for Shore Angling Marks in West Cork (also the Ring of Kerry and South Cork).