More Mullet

I've been keeping an eye on some marks further west, but for now there's been little sign of any mullet on them. To get my mullet fix I've been heading back to Rosscarbery, trying to pick the milder days with a gentle southerly breeze to maximise my chances of getting a few fish. The last couple of weeks the tactic seems to have been working.

On 3rd April I had a real peach of a session. I arrived after the morning high tide, a big spring, to find plenty of water, a nice colour in the water and mullet showing occasionally off the west bank. They stayed in the same area right through the session, and fed in short spells throughout giving plenty of interest on the quivertips and plenty of rod-bending action. I finished with seven mullet on the bank of all sizes from a little 1:10 to a best of 5:03, also including three chunky 3s and a 4:04.

And then again today ... it was a smaller tide so I was fishing much shallower water which also much clearer and although not cold, the breeze had a slight edge on it. There were loads of mullet off the west bank again, but they didn't feed at all for the first couple of hours. Then as I tucked into my sandwiches, the mullet came on the feed too and I enjoyed regular if not hectic action for the rest of the session. The bites were more tentative than usual, and three of the mullet I hooked came off. But four hung on, three arounds 3lbs and a handsome looker of 4:08 to finish the session ...

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