Back on the Rocks

It was nice to be out again on Sunday and fishing from the rocky shore of Bantry Bay, though the rocks desperately need a few dry days and some sunshine to dry them off so they're not so treacherously slippy underfoot! This session itself was cut short by rain after about three hours. The fishing was slow in keeping with the very gradual transition to spring this year; the highlight really was the passage of a small pod of minke whales across the mouth of the cove I was fishing, east on the rising tide and west again as the tide dropped away after high water.


Fishingwise, I had a small strap conger on a mackerel head early on, then a few knocks and rattles that came to nothing, then finally a half-decent huss last cast, on a mackerel head again. There'll be better to follow as the water warms up, no doubt.

Then today at another Bantry Bay mark ... it started well enough with a bonus pollack about 4lbs that took a popped-up prawn/mackerel cocktail, then soon after I had another little strap conger. I had another couple of knocks that came to nothing then disappointingly the session fizzled out as the high water slack approached. I was tempted to stay on to see what materialised on the ebb, but it seemed I'd set up on top of a real snag-pit that was costing me a rig nearly every cast so when it started to spot with rain I didn't hang around. Always another day.

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