Rock Fishing Two Ways

Two different ends of the rock fishing spectrum this week.


On Monday - coarse float rod, centrepin, 6lb line, waggler float and size 10 hook. The target was mullet, and I had five, two on bread bait and three on mussel flesh. I kept them in a rockpool pending release at the end of the session. No monsters today, the biggest was a middle-three pounder.

There was just a light breeze at the start of the session but as the afternoon passed it gradually picked up, and by the end it was decidedly fresh with the westerly wind and swells running left to right. 


I've noticed before that when the water is lively and the float pushes through, the wrasse take more interest. I had several, some on bread but most on mussel, up to around 2lbs in weight. Although not the intended target, these fish are a good scrap on mullet tackle and I'm pleased to see them.

Then today I dusted off the big rods for the first time in a while ...

Baits were mackerel heads and Aldi king prawn with bluey wrap, both fished as pop-ups ...

And what a great fun session it was. First off, a couple of hours before high tide, was a decent conger estimated 16 - 17lbs on the prawn/bluey, then an LSD on the same bait, then a string of five decent huss all 7 - 9lbs on both baits. High water passed and the bites began to peter out, an hour down the tide I had another LSD and it seemed like a good time to knock off.

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