Mullet Sessions

A couple of mullet sessions to report over the last few days. Firstly to Rosscarbery earlier in the week, where some new flags were flying to welcome me, and some new advice for would-be swan feeders...

I started fishing mid-morning, legering near the bridge arch. Things were inexplicably quiet, despite odd fish topping further out, and after a biteless three hours I relocated down the west side. The high tide arrived and passed, and still no action till the water had dropped away noticably. Then a little pound-size mullet was followed by three bigger fish in a hectic last hour, topped by a nice 4:05.

Then this evening, down to my favourite estuary on the Mizen Peninsula. I was fishing the top of a big spring tide so opted to leger from the road causeway onto the shallow flats below. A quiet start again but then I started to see odd whelms as some mullet arrived with the tide flooding in, and over the high water I had a trio of three pounders out.

The flats are almost uniformly clean, slightly muddy sand so I was surprised to find a snag at one point in the session ... and even more surprised when this happened as I tried to pull clear, losing me the Korda Grippa lead that used to be on the snap link (or saving me the rest of the rig, however you care to look at it!)


Anyway, I'm not very impressed with a swivel that can come apart pulling with 6lbs line. It was the first I've used of a pack of Guru brand snap-link swivels, fresh on today. The fact that the black finish has more-or-less disappeared after a couple of hour's use also suggests they may be less than high quality items.

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