Ten Mullet Day

Today I headed back to the same estuary as Saturday.


I was hopeful that the falling water level over the smaller tides would have concentrated the fish into the deep pool, if indeed they hadn't evacuated altogether when they could on the last of the bigger tides. This is a risk particularly in high summer - perhaps when it's warmer they fear the water deoxygenating over several days without a top-up. But equally I've had some big bags in springtime before. Also after a foul day's weather yesterday, I thought there might be a little more colour in the water which might help.


On arrival I could see mullet topping occasionally in several parts of the pool ... game on.


I set up in the same swim as Saturday, but this time set the float to fish only about eighteen inches deep. I could already see fish swirling around the floating bits of the first handful of loose-feed I'd chucked in, so they were obviously going to feed shallow, at least to start with.


What followed was an incredible four-hour session that resulted in ten mullet landed. None of the fish were over 4lbs but who cares really when you can fish in such wonderful surroundings and get loads of bites and rod-bending action from mullet around the 3lbs mark? For the record the best was 3:11 ...

Bites kept coming throughout the session, with longer waits only after a couple of lost fish. I did need to fish a little deeper towards the end as the surface activity gradually petered out.


Between mullet #9 and mullet #10, this seatrout of over 3lbs latched onto my bread bait. The bite was identical to many of the mullet bites I'd had, and the fight similar too till the fish erupted through the surface in the first of three spectacular leaps ... but as with so many other fish species, it lacked the stamina of a thicklip.

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