Pop-up Crust

National Mullet Club's Grey Ghost magazine is arriving with members about now. I have an article in it about fishing the pop-up crust leger bait that has been so productive for me in Ireland this year, and before that at venues such as Christchurch and Broadwater in the UK.


If it helps, here is the picture sequence for baiting up that appears in the article, in colour ...

1 – piece of crust about 15mm x 20mm and a section of grass stalk

2 – hook in from the flake side

3 – pull the hook through, turn it and back in from the crust side

4 - trap the section of grass stalk in the bend to stop the hook cutting back through the crust

5 – the rig: size 10 Kamasan B983, 8” of 5lb Drennan fluorocarbon fly leader, swivel, buffer bead, 1.1oz Korda Grippa lead on sliding link swivel, moveable stop of silicone tube with the line through twice. Mainline is 6lb ProGold.

6 – the baited rig

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    Francis Mead (Monday, 12 December 2016 14:20)

    David. Just to say thanks so much for writing these brilliant blogs - very erudite and inspirational. Thanks especially for the details of your pop-up crust. Very heartening to see that your still being very successful in December and I wait with 'baited breath' to see if this will extend into January!
    Thanks again.

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    David Rigden (Saturday, 17 December 2016 23:54)

    Cheers Francis. Don't get much feedback on here - glad you're reading the blog and enjoying it.