Near Home

I don't get that many mullet from the bays near our home. They are rather exposed to southerly and westerly winds and the water colours up quite quickly if it's windy or if there's been heavy rain - and even when the conditions are right, there's no guarantee of finding the mullet as they tend to be pretty nomadic along this section of coast. And even then there's no guarantee the fish will feed on bread as they often seem to obsess with whatever small creatures they forage out from among the bladderwrack.


Anyway, circumstances converged in a positive way today as I found a little group of fish feeding in a shallow gully. I manoeuvred my way into position without scaring them and was getting sporadic bites within fifteen minutes or so of starting loose-feeding, fishing about 18 inches deep on light float tackle.


This fish was probably the smallest present - 2lbs on the nail - and I hooked another slightly larger soon after only to have it throw the hook.


Then the spring tide flooded over the rocks that formed one side of the gulley, the mullet disappeared and the chance was gone.

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