Back on the Rocks

I've been stuck in a bit of a mullet rut recently, and decided it was time for a change today. So I grabbed a bag of heads left from a mackerel-bash last evening, and headed to a favourite rock mark on the north coast.


It was, literally, a bite-a-chuck session. My first few casts disappointed a little as the bites materialised into a series of chunky LSDs, but then I was encouraged by a small bullhuss about 4lbs and then what felt a decent huss let go half way in. I then had a spell of about an hour in which I landed three huss of good size between 8lbs and 11lbs and a single strap conger. After that it went quieter with longer waits for bites that produced more LSDs and smaller huss. I packed up about high water, more-or-less out of bait.

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