Who Let The Dogs Out?


Disappointing couple of sessions to report.


Last evening on Bantry Airport Strand - it looked ideal for a thornback ray but the session tuned into a doggie-fest - not for the first time at that venue it has to be said.


Then today on a north coast rock mark - more of the same! It was a bite-a-chuck on big baits intended for conger and huss and I had several double shots like this on smaller baits.


When I managed to catch two on a single hook rig (when one hooked itself, shook the bait up the trace and another one gorged it down) I thought it was time to give it best. I put on some mackerel feathers and salvaged the session with a dozen mackerel for tea and future-bait.


I'm away back in UK for a while shortly - hope the dogs will have thinned out by the time I'm back.

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