Mackerel ... and Shark?

This session came about by accident. I'd been onto a south coast mark after pollack, and although I'd found plenty they were all disappointingly small. There was a fresh southerly wind and the swell got up before high water cutting the session short. I headed instead for a north coast mark, stopping in at home for a cuppa on the way.


I was set up and fishing again soon after high water. The pollack were again playing hard to get, with just a couple of small ones taking the redgill over the first hour. Then a mackerel latched on, and it seemed a good cue to change over to a shrimp rig.


I had eight more mackerel in ones and twos. Not great numbers but they were decent size, around a pound each. They were down deep and I could only find them with a very slow retrieve; fortunately the bottom is quite clear on this mark till close in.



At one stage a mackerel was grabbed and torn from the hook, about half way in and still deep. It could have been anything, including one of the big pollack I'd come for, so I didn't give it a lot more thought. About twenty minutes later I was winding in a double shot. As they came close to the rocks I became aware of a large shape behind and beneath them, following them in. It turned away about 15 yards out, leaving me with a glimpse of a big, pale flank and a massive boil on the surface.


Now I've had seals chase bull huss in to the rocks before, but this looked different and anyway I didn't see a seal around today either before or after. Having watched a video on Facebook of two anglers playing a porbeagle shark in to the rocks recently in West Wales, I'm convinced this is what I saw. I wonder if they're regular visitors? And more to the point, is it worth the investment in some specialist gear that might give me a fighting chance of getting one in?

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