Needed This

I've been grinding out the exam work over the past few weeks - and more of the same to come over the next few weeks - got to lunchtime today and thought, "I need a break from this."


I drove along the south coast of the Sheep's Head looking at likely mullet marks but at every one there seemed to be just that bit too much breeze and swell. It looked a struggle so in the event I headed off the peninsula and south-west to a small estuary where I've done well before.


The high tide was pouring through the bridge arch into the pool above the causeway. My normal swim looked impossible so I settled on legering over the sand flats on the other side of the road.

There didn't seem to be masses of mullet about but I had sporadic bites on pop-up crust baits over the next three hours till the tide dropped away too much. I hooked four ... one came off in the edge after a good scrap and I landed three of 3:08, 3:10 and 3:07. 

Needed that - feeling better - back to work now ...

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