Quieter Day

It was time for a return to the rock mark in Bantry Bay where I'd done so well with seven mullet in a session last week.


Any pretensions of a similar haul today were soon dashed. I took up exactly where I'd finished last week with a string of small coalfish that were whacking the float under. However, as the tide dropped away towards low water I started to get some more delicate and missable bites, and I wondered if a mullet or two may have moved into the swim. After a few more misses I was suddenly into a powerful fish that shot off down the tide then came up and splashed on the surface - a mullet!


After a good old scrap I slid the net under this one, a pristine 3lb 10oz ...

Alas, that was the end of the mullet action for the day. I had a couple of promising (missed) bites immediately after landing the one, then a longish quiet spell and then the coalfish hoard returned on the making tide.


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