Slow at Rosscarbery

The east wind didn't seem to be blowing more than a gentle breeze yet, maybe time for one more session before it really kicked in ... I headed down to Rosscarbery.


Straightaway on arriving I knew it was going to be a struggle ... a fresh and cold SE wind blowing up the estuary, bright sunshine and the water the clearest and lowest in the pool that I'd seen this year. How low? About thigh deep for a heron ...

Still I could see mullet moving around in the shallows, though the ones close in seemed exceptionally spooky. I decided legering at range would be the best option, with the usual pop-up crust bait that had done so well over my last few trips here.


Two hours later and I'd not had a twitch on either tip. Two guys fishing further up the pool, also legering, also seemed to be blanking. Then a drop back on the right hand tip which may have just been the lead shifting in the crosswind ... but I struck and found myself connected to a mullet ... not a particularly large one but as it came off half way in so I'll never know the exact size.


I cast out again hoping I wouldn't have another two hours to wait for the next bite. After about ten minutes the left hand tip pulled over, and this fish stayed attached. Only 2lb 9oz but a pristine little fish and a lot better than the blank that seemed to be looming ...

Soon after the new tide arrived in the pool and the mullet I was seeing just melted away. I assume at this time of the year the sea water is colder than the water in the pool and the temperature shock puts them down ... later in the year the flood of new oxygenated water into the pool often stimulates a feeding spell.

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