More Mullets

I had a blank session from the rocks midweek so decided on another trip down to Rosscarbery on Good Friday.


There were visibly less mullet this time in the shallows where I'd fished before, but I could still see a few moving around with trademark bow waves and swirls.


I put out two leger rods with pop-up crust baits like last time, and soon had a good take on the right-hand line. The fight was dogged but unspectacular, and after a few minutes I was able to reach down from the wall to net this one of 4lb 4oz.


On starting again there were now very few fish at all showing but I fished on more in hope than expectation while I ate lunch. All was quiet on the tips but just after I'd finished eating the left- hand tip pulled over.


It was obviously not a big fish but after a game scrap I landed my smallest mullet of the winter to date, this pretty 2:10 ...



After this it really did look hopeless in that swim so I decided to have a walk round to try to find some mullet.


The stiff and none-too-warm breeze was blowing right into the corner by the hotel at the top of the pool. The water was quite rough but periodically I could see big whelms as mullet were spooked by birds passing over them. 


I relocated the car, put up the tailgate and fished from the relative shelter just behind.


The tips were buffeted around by the wind and it was difficult to keep a tight line to the leads. After 30 minutes without a bite (as far as I could tell) I was just coming to the conclusion these fish weren't feeding when the left-hand tip knocked and the line fell slack. I struck and missed but a decent mullet turned over ... I couldn't be sure if it had been on the bait or had just swum into the line.


Next cast the same rod pulled round much more decisively and I was in. This one put up a great scrap with several powerful short runs and long spells of dogged resistance ... 4lb 13oz.

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