Strap Congers

I had a decent session this morning considering the chilly and freshening east wind blowing across the rock mark on the north side of the peninsula.


I had a couple of aborted pulls on mackerel head but most of the action came on squid/mackerel cocktail fished as a pop-up. This produced a small bullhuss and this brace of strap congers ...




I was less than pleased to find the normally pristine mark strewn with these. Just don't understand the mentality of someone who can drive all the way out to a scenic area like the Sheep's Head, walk across fields and climb down to a lovely rock mark, only to treat it as a tip. I've not seen anyone else down here before and I've no idea who was responsible, other than that they buy their stuff at Cork Angling and must have a profound sense of optimism, mackerel feathers in March eh?

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