Off the Marks on the Rocks

Early start this morning and was fishing on a north coast rock mark before the sun rose into the misty sky.


Not exactly a hectic session but at least there were a few fish around this morning. 


After about half an hour, a few tentative tugs at a popped-up mackerel head resulted in a little strap conger around 6lbs. It felt heavier at first!


I cast out another mackerel head but it was my other line baited with squid that was off next, another tentative bite.

This one had gone to ground when I struck, but with 30lbs mainline I could give it a good steady pull and after a few seconds the fish came out. This one was a bull huss, also about 6lbs.


High tide came and went about 0830. I fished on with a few knocks and rattles but no more hook-ups till I packed up about 1000 and went home for a late breakfast.


A cold east breeze was freshening throughout the session and looks to be set in for several days - a pity when the fishing is just showing signs of picking up.





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