More Winter Mullet

I headed back to Rosscarbery today. There were good numbers of mullet in the shallows where I caught on Sunday.


I soon had a float out among them, but there was very little of interest in the bait. The float bobbed or pulled across the surface a few times, but as far as I could tell this was just fish brushing the line as they passed.


Then, after about an hour, a mullet stopped by my bait and the float bobbed repeatedly three or four times. I struck and hooked the fish.


This one fought much better than Sunday's 4:01 with a long initial run out towards the middle of the pool and several spells of resistance bringing it back. It was eventually in the net and weighed at 3lb 9oz.

The mullet had vacated my swim during the fight but I could see them moving around further out and after half an hour of groundbaiting a group of fish moved in and seemed to be feeding well.


I missed a good bite almost straightaway, then hooked up on the very next cast.


This was an even better fight with several long runs, but an almost identical weight of fish at 3lb 8oz.


I soon had mullet back in the swim again but couldn't get another take and after a few minutes they melted away.

In fact you wouldn't have known there was a fish in the whole pool, though the tide was too low for them to have moved out. I tried legering further out but there was a strong buffeting wind from behind that made seeing any bites on the tip next to impossible, and the water was so shallow gulls kept sitting on the water pecking at the surface trying to get at my bait. A good sign to head for home.

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