New Mark ... New Bait ... Same Result

I decided to use my lugworms at a mark on the south side of the Sheep's Head that I'd looked at several times but not yet fished. I reckoned - correctly as it turned out - that it might give way to a clean seabed away from the rocks.


The day was bright and sunny with a touch of east breeze. Not great to be honest but I fancied the mark for a plaice or other flatfish.


To cut a long story short - blank once more!


I was mildly encouraged that there was some activity on my baits this time but it turned out to be crabs - I wound in one large and hostile velvet crab .


The wildlife made up for the lack of fishy action to some extent. I enjoyed watching a pod of dolphins out in the bay, a pair of otters in the cove to my left and several types of fish-eating bird including a lone gannet diving repeatedly (on a shoal of sprats?) and a great northern diver of which there have been several around recently. When a seal stuck its head up directly in front of me as the sun started to set, it was time to head home.


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