I feel like I'm beginning to get to grips with the rough ground fishing on (most of) the rock marks here now.


I'm fishing 30lb mainline on a fast retrieve multiplier (Daiwa SL30SH or Penn 525) with an 80lb leader - partly to give abrasion resistance down near the terminal tackle and partly because I am sliding/lifting out biggish fish. I don't like using a gaff for fish I'm returning and anyway it's just not safe to get that close to water level most days.


The end tackle is shown in the photo. The lead-link very free running on a plastic leger ring, and the link itself is 25lb so strong enough to lob-cast with but also provides a rotten bottom effect which has saved me a few rigs and a couple of fish so far.


The hook trace is 100lb mono knotted to 60lb plastic covered wire for the last few inches, crimped to a 6/0 hook.

The jury is out on the breakaway lead. I think it does reduce snagging by not rolling into crevices etc; but when one is lost it is expensive. I may change to using some form of disposable weight in the snaggiest areas.

 The bait is "popped-up" with polystyrene to keep it up off the bottom. I just wrap the bait (usually squid, mackerel or sandeel) with elasticated thread then take an extra few turns to tie in a small piece of polystyrene packing material.


It's not going to help (a) if you cast straight into a bed of kelp; (b) if a fish takes the bait then drags it into a snag; or (c) if you wind into a snag  during the early stages of the retrieve. 


I've lost a few rigs through all of the above but most of the time everything comes back intact.


And it works. Amongst the LSDs this morning, another couple of decent huss ...

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