Little Dogs, Big Dogs ...

I headed down to a north coast rock mark for an afternoon session on the rising tide. Plan was to put out a bottom bait on one rod, leave it with the reel on the ratchet, and floatfish for mullet with a second, feeding bread close in to the rock face. It was the first time I'd tried this combination, and maybe one of the last. There was so much action on the bottom bait I couldn't really concentrate on the mullet fishing at all, though as far as I know none turned up! I soon had to give up and concentrated on the big rod ...


I'd started off with mackerel heads, a bag of five I'd frozen down. They produced six bites in six casts (one was reusable) but I think they were all over-ambitious LSDs and only one was hooked. The last bite ended up with the rig irretrievably snagged.


After I tackled up again I baited up with a whole squid and lobbed it out to the middle of the bay. Within a couple of minutes I was getting a much stronger bite, which was followed by a tussle with a decent bullhuss around 8lbs.

I alternated baits between squid and mackerel fillet ... literally a bite a chuck ... several LSDs then another bullhuss, slightly larger and also on squid. 

A couple of casts later another huss ... squid again. It was the biggest of the three but as it came to the surface it shook its head and the hook came flying out ... not that unusual with big huss I've found!

It was getting a bit swelly now towards high water and I was rapidly losing daylight. That big huss could wait till next time.

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