Pollack on Redgills

Those who know me will know that lure fishing isn't really my thing. I'll make an exception though when it comes to pollack and when it comes to Redgills.

The pollack are a novelty for me and I'm impressed with the attitude they seem to develop when they reach 4lbs or so. Redgills bring back fond memories of childhood holidays in Cornwall. I must say though the modern colours seem a lot more effective than the natural finishes on Ingrams' original Mevagissey Eels. I particularly like the black/orange firetail and bubblegum pink.

These two around 5lbs were the biggest of a dozen or so pollack in a 90 minute session from the rocks late this afternoon. Both were returned though I kept a smaller one about 3lbs for our evening meal. 

There were some mackerel about this afternoon too. I picked up several on a Sabiki rig; oddly, all individual fish.

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