Pete's Day

Drove down to Rosscarbery this morning to fish with Pete and Jen in the lagoon. They'd had a good morning yesterday with plenty of bites and Pete landing two decent fish, but by contrast bites were hard to come by today. I tried a few spots before settling to Pete's left on the walled section. He'd briefly contacted one mullet before it came off and landed one of 3lb 14oz; and he was still getting sporadic bites.

I waited patiently for my float to dip, but for an hour nothing happened until I put my rod down to wipe some of the grot off my sunglasses. Then of course the float sailed away exactly on cue, and resurfaced at the exact moment I picked the rod up again and struck just too late!


I think the fish must have swum straight over into Pete's swim, because he was soon in again and landed this thicklip 4lb 4oz.


I continued to struggle for bites, just pricking one fish amidst my only flurry of activity. Jen wasn't faring any better on the other side of Pete.


Lunchtime came and coincided with a short but torrential rain shower. Pete and Jen retreated to their rented cottage; I sat it out in the car then was fishing again as soon as the rain let up. Suddenly it was a bite a chuck, but all tiny dink bites. I struck the better ones and eventually connected with my only mullet of the day, all eight or nine ounces of it. Time for a cuppa up at the cottage.

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