Jen's Day

I arrived at the venue on the north shore of the peninsula at 10.00 a.m. to find my friends and fellow NMC members Pete and Jen just getting out of their car. They are over from Cornwall staying at Rosscarbery for the week but were making the most of a calm day to come on a first visit to fish the rocks down on the Sheep's Head.



It really was a perfect calm morning and as soon as we were down on the rocks we could see good numbers of mullet topping and showing interest in the bread Pete lobbed in.


Pete and Jen were already tackled  up and were soon fishing and both getting bites. Specifically, Pete was missing a lot of bites while Jen hit her second of the day, a well-conditioned thicklip of 2lb 10oz. Pete was in next, but his fish came off. Then he was in again, and landed the smallest mullet I've seen from this mark, I gave it a generous 1lb 4oz.  Pete missed more bites, Jen hit her third of the day, nice fish of 3lb 4oz.


I was the perfect gentleman host and didn't even tackle up till both my guests had caught, and as a result I missed most of the action. My only bite of the day came and went somewhere in the middle of a rather long lull over the low water slack.  Pete's mare continued, fishing deep as no fish were showing, he lost what looked a good one when his hook knot failed, then another when his line broke on the strike.

I was expecting the action to pick up again on the new flood tide, but it never happened. Instead we saw a large shoal feeding from surface scum off to our right. Pete followed them round on the rocks and missed a bite first cast, then no further interest from them. He said there were some very big fish in the shoal which was interesting as I've had mostly 2lb and 3lb fish from the mark this summer.


Jen's day then ...

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    Andy (Wednesday, 16 September 2015 19:44)

    Glad the weather has been kind today and I hope it lasts for you. Great looking fish Jen and lovely looking setting. Hard luck Petebut you have given that gear a hammering n the last few weeks!