Bonus Pollack

It started out as a trip to one of the local piers to stock up with mackerel for the freezer. But when I arrived there were already three guys feathering away and no sign of mackerel. The headland half a mile or so distant suddenly looked more appealing, so off I set ...


Second chuck with the string of mini shrimps and everything went heavy after a few turns. Eventually I wound in a string of four mackerel. Expectations were high for a good session but how often doesn't it turn out that way? 45 minutes later I had not a single further mackerel on the rocks, just a couple of small pollack, so when I lost the shrimp rig in a snag I was loathe to put another set on.


I put on a firetail redgill. Perhaps that would pick up some big mackerel like the other evening, or if not a decent pollack.


Nothing for a few casts then the rod tip lunged over, only to spring back after a couple of seconds as the fish came off. Still, it felt a good one. 



A few casts later I was in properly, and after a typically brief but violent tussle I was able to slide this beautifully coloured pollack up a gulley and onto the rocks and grab it. No landing net of course having come kitted out for mackerel! It was just shy of 5lbs on the scales.

A few casts later, another almost identical. It was well into the twilight now. I really wanted to stay as I thought there was a chance of getting a really big pollack but I had a difficult walk back to the car across the rocks and fields and no lamp, so I decided that was enough.

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